Our Portfolio

We invest in tech-driven software companies.


Elastic Block Storage

Service Marketplace Solution

Digital Space Infrastructure

Optimize Shopping at the Edge

Vector Database & Search

Build & Ship SaaS directly in the Cloud

Pricing & Packaging Infrastructure

No-Code Robotics

Experience Data Platform

Autonomous APIs

Headless eCommerce

Boost Production Quality

IoT Edge Streaming Analytics

AI-powered Data Preparation

Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Global Shipping API


Circular Retail Stock Marketplace

Virtual Office Platform

Battery Intelligence

Magnetics Design Platform

On-demand Regional Transport


AI-powered ClinOps

Genomics Analytics Platform

AI-driven Drug Development

AI-driven Chronic Disease Therapy

Software for the modern business

Flexible Warehousing

Operational Incident Management

Design Programming Platform

Smart Manufacturing Software

No-Code WebApps

Digital Design Reinvented

Digital Audits and Inspections

Customs Trade Automation

Connected Worker Platform

Financial Cockpit for Freelancers

Digital Invoice Management

Data-driven Recruitment

Marketing Data Intelligence